Kerio Workspace Starter

I have been working a little with Kerio Workspace Starter edition... though... a little opinion about it.

Watchguard XTM 11.6.1 VPN Authentication Failure

I have found XTM 11.6.1 (and some earlier versions) of XTM OS sometimes loses authentication mechanism on VPN SSL configuration.

Watchguard HTTPS-DPI and Dropbox

Standard HTTPS DPI policy on a Watchguard XTM device will not allow Dropbox to connect, resulting in a "Unable to establish a secure connection" error. Here comes a quick guide to allow Dropbox through your XTM Device.

New PHP Class project for Microsoft ActiveSync

Started a new proof for the Alice Framework to integrate Microsoft ActiveSync into my application.

What Not to do on a Job Interview

I found this intresting article over the Internet looking for a line describing my mood (which would be "You will never get a second chance to make a first impression"). Within this query in *oo*le the below attached article came up.

Access Denied while accessing Event Viewer on a remote machine

During the installation of GFI Events Manager application I fell into a problem stating I cannot access remote Microsoft Windows based server Registry.

Watchguard HTTPs DPI mini howto with internal CA and certificate deployment with Active Directory

A mini-how to for an HTTPS DPI with corporate internal CA and Watchguard XTM devices and how to deploy the certificate using Active Directory for Internet Explorer Users.

Watchguard HTTPs DPI mini howto with internal CA and certificate deployment with Active Directory

a mini-how to for an https dpi with corporate internal ca and watchguard xtm devices and how to deploy the certificate using active directory for internet explorer users.

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Since 2017 I am workig on a new platform for Intellectual Property and Copyright assets protection and management and founded a company called Rights Chain. The Company's vision is to create a comprehensive platform for effective management and protection of Intellectual Property and digital assets, as well as facing ethical issues like Reputation and Privacy.

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