Crypto Locker and Backup Issues

The new version of Crypto Locker opens a new window of fear on Corporate Data and possible Data Losses. Here a few thoughts about the backup policies.

The hard times of being an IT professional and the three laws of IT Depts

I’ve been thinking about this post for several months, and finally found the time and right inspiration to go on with it. My personal, hopefully shared, opinion about how IT is evolving and how we do live it from a psychological perspective.

AT9424S L3 Switch does not route traffic

A tricky behavior happened to me last week where an Allied Telesis layer 3 switch apparently didn't want to route the traffic correctly.

Watchguard Server Center and Active Directory: more than just a centralized management

The Watchguard Server Center is a powerful tool included in many Watchguard devices purchase. And it can be a good option even if you have just one XTM box. Plus, this article describes how to integrate WSC authentication with Active Directory.

Enabling Active Directory LDAPS

A start point of a set of posts about how to enable Active Directory LDAPS support, and using it as basis of a wide spread auhtentication mechanism integration.

Destination Host Unreachable

Back to basics. How do you determine the "free" IP address, and how do you test it?

Nagios and Service Monitoring proofs of concept

When it comes to service management, either for internal use or as a Service Provider, you really should not underestimate the impact of service monitoring.

Netiquette: my experience with some contacts on LinkedIn

Gathering contacts on LinkedIn is usually a positive experience, always a good way to meet new people and share information and knowledge. Yet sometimes it can feel a pain. Here comes a short point of view.

Watchguard SMTP Proxy Rejecting e-mails with error 500 Line Too Long

Some senders get a 500 error message after being dropped by Watchguard SMTP Incoming Proxy rule with the following error: SMTP error from remote mail server after end of data: host xxxx []: 500 Line too long

Firewall aid - getting more than just a security box from your XTM

How some simple configuration best practice (developed in time) made my Watchguard firewall not only defend networks, but also helped to prevent security problems.

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