How to factory reset a ZyXEL Nebula cloud controlled Switch you lost access to (unofficial)

Got a #Nebula #ZyXEL #switch and can't figure out how to #factory #reset it? Here's a way you may find useful to get out of the trouble.

(Fiction) The false sense of safety driven by privacy: applications for health data tracking

We send daily tons of data to private giants who use that information to sell us things we don’t need and spread more unreliable news

Blockchain for digital content signature and integrity check

Few weeks ago I started a few posts to talk about #blockchain and its pratcital #applications. Here comes an idea of using it as an extension of #Digital #Signature for #Digital #Content and a mean of #governance #enforcement.

Increased rate of banned IPs for SSH bruteforce

Since the beginning of the year I found an intensive raise of SSH attempts on a home device.

Blockchain use cases vs Blockchain religion

If you are looking for a post where Blockchain is described as the “new disruptive technology” that will change the world, this is not one of it. You will probably find more “don’ts” rather than “do’s” in this post, so if you care to lose some time on it, please, be my guest.

Synology Active Backup for Business process fails: there is not enough space on the system volume

HowTo: what to do if your Active Backup for Business application on Synology states that there is no space left on system volume while it seems that is not true?

Application stack behind the RightsChain copyright management platform

We've been preparing a major update at @RightsChain and it's been interesting to make a list of all the technologies hidden behind our platform.

ZyXEL Nebula access points and Active Directory MSCHAPv2 authentication

As a system administrator you want to create a way to give users a simple access to network resources without exposing the corporate environment. Complexity may also be an issue, so using tools that are generally available and free of additional costs would be something that you will like to achieve as well.

Are we enslaving ourselves into our own created God?

I am not exactly a religious type of person, but I think there’s a point where our humanity should be put at stake.

Compromised invoices and fraudulent bank transfers

Today I happened to see for the second time the same "Modus Operandi", which worked throught the communication of an invoice with fake bank coordinates between supplier and customer.

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